Bonding like lion

Despite its often solitary nature, your cat also has strong social instincts and uses a variety of techniques to communicate with other cats and you. One example is rubbing. Just like their big cat cousins, small cats leave their scent – and all sorts of messages - by rubbing up against key spots in the house or garden.

Socializing Q&A
with WHISKAS® Experts

Big ideas for small cats

Social play is a very important part of their development and getting more social with your cat is simple.

1A friendly touch

Grooming and stroking your cat is a great way to build your bond. In the wild, big cats groom each other to maintain relationships, so it's a natural way to bond with your cat.

A Friendly Touch

2A helping hand

Ever noticed that when you put your hand in front of your cat's head, it immediately rubs against it? Cats prefer rubbing against solid surfaces, so this is a great way to bond with your cat.

A Helping Hand

3Scratch and sniff

Cats have pheromone glands in their paws, which is why your cat might sometimes scratch chairs or table legs. As they do this, they leave their scent to mark their territory – so getting a tall scratching post, which also helps them enjoy a good stretch while they scratch, is a good idea.

Scratch And Sniff

4Wool never goes out of fashion

Cats love the feel of soft fabrics and surfaces, and some will snuggle up and start kneading straight away when they're in contact with it. Kneading is a natural behaviour designed to help cats relax.

Wool Never Goes Out Of Fashion

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