Perches like a panther

In their natural habitat, big cats are on constant alert for potential threats. These instincts are strong in your small cat too. That’s why your cat loves to rest or sleep on fences in the garden, bookshelves, kitchen tables and in wardrobes. Cats love any vantage point that helps them survey their territory, keep watch for danger and look out for food.

Protecting Q&A
with the WHISKAS® Experts

Big ideas for small cats

A range of resting places at different heights in your home gives your cat a wider choice of locations to feel secure.

1An off-the-shelf solution

Make shelf space more cat friendly by clearing any clutter, or try building a shelf specifically for your cat. Just make sure the shelves are secure and can support your cat’s weight, and fix them down so they don’t tip near the edges.

An Off-The-Shelf Solution

2Make nests

If your cat likes to sleep in unusual places, like underneath the kitchen table or at the top of the stairs, don't discourage it. Show your cat it’s okay by putting down a pillow or blanket to make them more comfortable.

Make Nests

3Check before closing

Always check cupboards, wardrobes, washing machines and even tumble driers before closing them. Cats love to explore and find new places to relax, sleep and hide.

Check. Close

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