Lunched like a lion

Just like big cats in the wild, your cat is a natural carnivore – seeking out food that provides it with essential nutrients. Many of these nutrients are only found in meat-based food, which is why cats shouldn’t be vegetarians. Wet food provides a natural source of water, but always make sure your cat has a fresh drinking water available.

Feeding Q&A
with WHISKAS® Experts

Big ideas for small cats

Combining feeding with play helps to replicate your cat’s natural hunting behaviours and makes mealtimes more rewarding for you both.

1Hide the treat

Objects like toilet roll tubes, yoghurt pots and cardboard boxes may be rubbish to you. However, once cleaned and with a few food treats hidden inside, they become a naturally rewarding plaything for your cat.

Hide The Treat

2Fish for food

Replicate your cat’s inquisitive instincts by filling a box with shredded paper and hiding some treats. Or try filling a bowl with water and add some ping-pong balls for your cat to ‘fish’ for.

Fish For Food

3Eat up high

In the wild, some big cats drag their prey up trees to become less vulnerable while eating. You can help to recreate a safe environment for feeding by choosing a quiet corner or somewhere a bit higher up, like the kitchen counter.

Eat Up High

4Room temperature, please

Chilling your cat’s food dulls the natural feeding experience and could kill the flavour. Always try and serve your furry friend's food at room temperature as that's the same temperature they would enjoy their food in the wild.

Room Temperature, Please

5Respect whiskers

Your cat's whiskers are long and sensitive, so when you're putting food or water down for your cat, make sure you choose a bowl that's shallow and wide. This will help them eat and drink without any discomfort.

Respect Whiskers

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