Lazes like a lion

When your cat plays hunting games, they expend a great deal of energy. So it’s a natural instinct to take a long rest – up to 18 hours a day catnapping – to prepare for the next feed, hunt or play time.

Sleeping Q&A
with the WHISKAS® Experts

Big ideas for small cats

Cats are naturally active at dawn and dusk. Which means your cat could be active when you’re not and vice versa. Here’s how you can help give yourself an extra long lie-in or enjoy a better night’s sleep.

1Pipe dreams

Put your cat's bed somewhere safe and warm, such as near a warm pipe, radiator or wall, to create a super cosy place for your cat to get all the rest they need.

Pipe Dreams

2Play earlier in the evening

Playing with your cat earlier in the evening may help them expend their night time energy a bit sooner. They'll then be more likely to need that all important rest when you do.

Play Earlier In The Evening

3Your own boundary

Sometimes you need to establish a firmer rule, like simply shutting your bedroom door at night. And if your cat still insists on waking you up early, consider leaving out some food in a timed feeder.

Your Own Boundary

4Lights out, game on

When you go to bed, try leaving some quiet toys around for your little friend to play with or hide treats around the house for them to practise their hunting skills. Avoid leaving your cat unsupervised with string toys though.

Lights Out, Game On

5Make free time playtime

Few spare minutes? Make it cat playtime to stimulate your little friend’s natural instincts - giving them a chance to exercise and stay happy and healthy. It might lead to a good night’s sleep for both of you!

Playtime, All The Time

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