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Siamese Cat

This stunning creature is probably the best known of all pedigree breeds of cat and its deep, blue eyes are certainly a stand-out feature of this intelligent animal. It was known for hundreds of years in its own country as the "Royal Cat of Siam". Although there have been many theories about the origin of the Siamese, there are many breeders today who acknowledge that it came from the ancient Siamese city of Ayudha which was founded in 1350. It was the capital until fire destroyed the city during the Burmese invasion in 1767. The original cats lived in temples where they were closely guarded to keep the breed pure, and ownership was also restricted to members of the Royal family. The cats were also thought to have "special powers". These stunning cats first appeared in Australia in the 1890s, and today it is one of the most popular pedigree breeds. Today's Siamese cat is totally different from the Siamese cats of years ago - today the breed is long and slender with a long head and rather large ears. It has a short and close-lying coat with dark points restricted to the face, ears, tail, legs and feet. It wears a coat of cream, lilac, caramel, cinnamon, fawn, and apricot. Alhough this highly intelligent cat does enjoy the company of people and makes an excellent pet, those who own one will soon tell you that when this stunning animal wants something - it wants it now! If you are prepared to be responsive to its needs the Siamese will be one of the most affectionate cats you could ever hope to squat on your lap … and squat on your lap it will at the slightest opportunity


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