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Scottish Fold Cat

The Scottish Fold is definitely a cat that has a look all of its own. In fact, with its tightly folded ears poking out from its flat, round head it looks as if this sweet-natured cat is 'wearing' a helmet! The first Scottish Fold was born to a litter on a Scottish farm in 1961, but since then it has been crossed with the British Shorthair to develop a breed of medium-sized cats with knowing, big round eyes and its folded ears. This cat has prominent whiskers that tend to make it look as though it is 'smiling' - something this amiable cat would love to do if it could - and has the unusual habit of sleeping flat on its back. It is a sweet-natured animal that just loves human companionship and will gladly supervise all of the household activities with you. However, this affectionate cat does not cope well with its own company and will not be happy if let at home alone for long periods of time. Potential owners that do spend a lot of time away from home may want to consider adopting two Fold's so they can keep each other company - after all, two cats can only mean twice the love and devotion

Scottish Fold Scottish Fold

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